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About Adobe Doctor Tucson

Adobe Doctor Tucson exists as a leading source for adobe restoration and repair in the Tucson area and throughout Arizona. The company’s founder, John Schimon, a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor, works with adobe, stucco, mud, brick, and related materials. With a thorough knowledge of the history of this traditional form of building, John Schimon and the team at Adobe Doctor Tucson effectively deal with the challenges inherent to the restoration and preservation of adobe homes.

In addition to Mr. Schimon, Adobe Doctor Tucson employs three workers, including a foreman working with the company for 14 years. A good portion of their work includes servicing homes in the Old Pueblo area of Tucson, where construction materials included burnt-adobe. These homes underwent construction with mud bricks that tend to degrade with time, especially from exposure to rain. The workers at Adobe Doctor Tucson take care to remove loose, crumbly materials, perform the necessary repairs, and preserve the adobe with the proper sealant.

John Schimon and the employees at Adobe Doctor Tucson often see damage in older adobe materials covered by a layer of stucco. This covering only masks the problem instead of correcting it. The erosion and rot remains under the surface and continues to erode the adobe. Adobe Doctor Tucson repairs adobe, stucco, and brick in an effective and responsible manner.

Adobe Doctor Tucson workers often first examine the roof of an adobe house. As John Schimon points out, water represents adobe’s enemy, as opposed to sunlight or time. Rain hits the roof first and the moisture either leaves its damage there or seeps down into the walls. The company finds that properly repairing and sealing the roof saves homeowners from further repair bills over time. Whether a small repair or a major adobe, stucco, brick, or mud renovation, Adobe Doctor Tucson represents homeowners’ best resource for adobe home restoration.

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